Trump has no sense of history, but Bannon does

By Jonathan Riley, Jan 29, 2017

As you've probably heard, Trump's slogan "America first" was originally the slogan of isolationist Nazi-sympathizers during WWII (today they would be called "alt-right.") Here is one of the many political cartoons Dr. Seuss drew criticizing the America First movement. Eerily relevant.

I wouldn't ever accuse Donald Trump of intentionally using the slogan of Nazi-sympathizers -- there's no way he has the sense of history that intention would imply. But I am certain that Steve Bannon knows the history of the "America First" movement. For Steve Bannon, a man who has more than dabbled in anti-Semitism and who openly describes his political agenda as "nationalist," using the slogan of Nazi-sympathizers fits quite well.

The alt-right isn't accidentally using the slogan of this discredited nationalist movement. They are using this slogan because they are that movement.