"Bad People"

By Jonathan Riley, 2/1/2017

He’s still tweeting. I can’t believe he is still tweeting. Here’s how Trump responded to the outrage over his Muslim ban:

Let’s meet a family of “bad people” being torn apart as a result of Trump’s blatantly discriminatory refugee ban.

This is Dilbreen. He is a year and a half old. After an explosion in an Iraqi refugee camp, he was badly burned. To save his life, he was rushed to Shriner’s Hospital in Boston. 

His family was set to come meet their child in Boston. Then Donald Trump signed his infamous ban on refugees like Dilbreen’s parents and siblings, and their visas were immediately revoked.

The baby is in Boston. Alone. The family is still stranded in an Iraqi refugee camp.

These kind of horror stories are inevitable when you discriminate against huge groups of people based on religion and national origin as if their demographic makes them all “bad people.”

Source: CBS Boston